LM Wind Power

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LM Wind Power is the world’s leading supplier of wind turbine blades and services to the wind industry. The company has a global footprint and is a valued partner in established and emerging markets all over the world. This global reach ensures close contact to international customers and enables the group to minimise transport and logistics costs, shorten delivery time and reduce working capital requirements.

LM Wind Power works closely with customers to reduce the cost of energy and continues to invest in research and development. Test facilities and an in-house wind tunnel, is part of the LM Wind Power global technology centre, and ensures that turbines fitted with LM blades continue to generate ever more power.

In more than 35 years, LM Wind Power has produced over 185,000 blades ranging from 5.0 to 88.4 meters and continues to establish a strong position among the world leaders in the growing wind power industry.

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