Adding value

We add value to entrepreneurs and teams we work with in several ways.

Our commitment to the success of the company starts with building a relationship of trust that can withstand the challenges every company experiences as it develops. Pioneering an unknown future with imperfect data, as entrepreneurs do every day of their life, can be a lot easier when you know the investment partner is fully aligned, engaged and sharing the challenge.

Our significant industry experience and long history as venture capital investors compliments the skills of the entrepreneurs and teams we work with. We have significant hands-on experience in helping companies develop and grow structurally, internationally and through all economic cycles.

We manage high quality capital provided by institutions that have the long term view that is necessary to be an effective provider of venture finance. This enables us to take a long term view with the entrepreneur and build businesses to their maximum potential value.

We commit significant time to develop and maintain relationships with industry executives and influencers. This is a source of contacts and knowledge we are able to access to add value to our entrepreneurs as appropriate.

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